Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some notes before my wedding =)

I browse through my wedding notebook, and found few notes which I've already forgotten. Some cannot be published, censored =p
i just wrote anywhere, anytime i feel that i want to =)
This is written on 30th April 2009.

what do i feel?
of course excited

Just now za & lan talked at phone for more than 1 hour.
Something that is quite rare for both of us =)
Ok..kena quarantine until sixthjune09 ok..
=) feels excited and asyik nak senyum saja =)

I contacted indet..
She's gonna get married on31st May 09..
Both of us are not gonna be single anymore =(

Rasa sangat kelakar when we discussed about the preparation..
What to wear at MIL's house, how to behave, the preparation for 'that special time' and every single thing =p

Memang best bila 2 bestfriends are getting married almost at the same time.
Boleh discuss apa-apa pun, unlimited hahahhaa

i love this girl so much =)


This is what I wrote on 31st May 2009 (Sunday)

I'm inside the flight now. Hehe. KB to KL.
Pukul 5 tadi depart.
Pegi kenduri kawen endit tadi. Sangat best. Semua best. The family, the wedding itself.
Sangat sayang dia, akhirnya dia bertemu jodoh dengan orang itu =)
Banyak cerita disebaliknye..

gilo ah..dulu kat utp couple, sekarang kawin daa 2 orang ini. macam tak caya

Tadi rush pergi airport. 4.46 pm baru sampai! Lari2 pergi departure area. Alhamdulillah sempat sampai.
kuasa Allah..
I love endit's family so much that I don't wanna go..hehe
But I have my own wedding to go =)

Kejap lagi nak beli roti bakar kat oldtown yang sangat sedap tu
then pegi KLIA for next flight..JB-KL 9.15 pm
What a journey! Next week nak kawen kenapa jalan2 lagi wehh week my turn..lagi 5 hari..
Nasib baik dah ada experience kat kenduri kahwin endit. Jadi pengapit pulak tu =)

Today my mind is so clear. Jarang dapat rasa tenang macam ni.
These few days I only did things that I love.

Ok countdown 5 days..
I love him so much =)

pengantin & bakal pengantin yang baru lepas melalak


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